Cooking Up Good Health - Home Cooking Can Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

You may want to pull out your pots and pans.

New research has shown that cooking meals at home can be a way to fight the sugar spikes that lead to diabetes. Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes and the vast majority of the cases is type 2. Being overweight is a major risk factor of type 2 diabetes.

Cooking at home avoids many processed ingredients and unhealthy fats that restaurant chains have grown to rely on. Only in the home can you control the ingredients that are in your meal – Restaurant foods are especially high in fat, salt, sugar and calories. You can build better balanced meals – vegetables, fruits, carbs and proteins. In addition, when eating out the portions are extremely large and it’s harder to exercise portion control.

The study revealed that those who ate at home gained less weight than those who ate out. In addition, there was a slightly lower intake of sugar-sweetened beverages when people had more home cooked meals.

Preparing meals at home can be a first step in the lowering the risk if diabetes. Another great step is to schedule your state of the art annual wellness physical exam with EliteHealth the industry-leading health and wellness practice. At EliteHealth we believe that true healthcare is achieved through prevention, not reaction.

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