Is Stress Making You Fat?

“What is the one thing it takes to be healthy, to lose weight and to prevent premature aging?”

“Stress Management”
Bill Cortright - Author of The Stress Response Diet & Lifestyle Program

All of us can blame the fast-food industry all we want; however daily-unmanaged stress is the real culprit and cause of today’s obesity epidemic. Bill Cortright, author of the Stress Response Diet & Lifestyle Program does an excellent job at explaining how stress can negatively affect our bodies if we do not learn how to manage our core survival response.

The connection between stress and deteriorated health is widely ignored by the medical field and the weight-loss industry. Stress is not a feeling of just being overwhelmed or anxious – it’s a primal survival response and if unmanaged it can throw off the entire biological balance of your body.  The Stress Response is a powerful hormone response that will determine whether your metabolism will burn fat or store fat at any given time. In today’s world, if we are constantly being bombarded with 24/7 stressors, the signal given to the body is to store fat as a survival fuel. Managing this response is key to creating a lean and healthy body. To do so, three hormones must be balanced: adrenaline, cortisol and insulin.  True stress management is more than time management or goal setting; it’s about keeping these hormones balanced.

Let’s look at these a little deeper:

Adrenaline – this is the stress hormone that gets your heart beating faster when you get excited or angry.

Cortisol – is the stress hormone that gives you heightened senses when you are working on a big project or worried about something.

Insulin — where as Adrenaline & Cortisol run down the body, Insulin’s job is to repair, hence the natural balance of the body at work.

“It doesn’t matter how high a person’s stress levels are; what truly matters is if their lifestyle will allow the body to repair itself,” says Bill Cortright.  

EliteHealth & EliteFitForever are the perfect combination of Medicine & Wellness. Working together, Dr. Steven Schnur, Dr. Perry Krichmar & Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino team up with Bill Cortright and his team of Dietitians & Exercise Physiologists to help patients create their perfect recuperation lifestyle program.  When managing your stress it is essential to understand that stress can come in three different ways: Mental, Physical & Metabolic. Regardless of where your stress is coming from, the body will give off the same response and if unmanaged you will gain weight.  If you are not working with a team measuring and balancing all three different types of stress, you will never create permanent weight loss.

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