Let's Get Back To Home-Cooking.

In many homes today, we are eating out more and cooking less. And although there are great places to grab a healthy bite around every neighborhood, preparing and cooking meals at home has many benefits, starting with keeping those extra pounds off and helping fight diseases like diabetes.

According to a Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research study, people who frequently cook meals at home, eat healthier and consume fewer calories. Other recent studies revealed that those who cook at home, gain less weight and have a slightly lower intake of sugar-sweetened beverages like sodas and juices.

Eating home-cooked meals allow you to control what goes in your meal. You avoid many of the processed ingredients and unhealthy fats that restaurant chains often use, which tend to result in meals that are especially high in fat, salt, sugar, and calories. At home, you can cook balanced meals by incorporating fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grain carbs and lean proteins.

Cooking at home can be easier than you think. Today, companies like HelloFresh and BlueApron will deliver fresh and healthy ingredients right to your doorstep for you to prepare and cook delicious meals at home.

You can also prepare meals ahead time to help you save time in the kitchen. Cut and peel your vegetables and store them for later use. Make meals that you can freeze like chilis and spaghetti sauce.

Together with an active lifestyle, eating at home is a great way to stay healthy.

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