Planning your Day-After Thanksgiving Detox

Eat, drink and be thankful!

On Thanksgiving Day, we celebrate the many things we are thankful for, surrounded by family, friends, and lots of food. For many, the calorie content of this traditional meal is far greater than their typical day-to-day meal. While Thanksgiving may be a day for splurging, it’s important that we get right back on track the day after to avoid bloat and weight gain.

Post-Thanksgiving Day

Upon awakening the day after Thanksgiving, take a moment to be grateful for the wonderful time spent with family and friends. Remember to also be thankful for your health and take back control of nourishing it.

Plan to workout with family and friends

  • Organize and invite family and friends for a fun Post-Thanksgiving Day walk, Fall is a great time to throw on some warm layers and admire the crisp air and falling leaves
  • Head to the gym – Check to see if your gym is open the day after Thanksgiving. Post-holiday time usually means less people to share space and equipment with- more for you!

Eat healthy foods

  • Start your day by drinking water and with healthy breakfast choices, avoid last night’s dessert
    • Ezekiel bread avocado toast with sliced boiled egg whites
    • Egg white omelet sautéed with leftover veggies
    • Apple cinnamon low sugar oatmeal
    • Greek yogurt parfait
  • Lunch – Utilize your healthier leftovers as much as possible, use that delicious white-meat turkey and those yummy veggie
    • Prepare a salad with leftover greens, fresh vegetables and roasted turkey
    • Fill a whole grain low-calorie wrap with sliced turkey and cranberry sauce
  • Dinner – Eat as healthfully as possible. If you hosted Thanksgiving you probably have leftovers. Choose your meal wisely. If leftovers are not an option choose a lighter meal such as vegetarian or seafood.

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